Clinical Outreach

International Heart Institute Outreach

The International Heart Institute of Montana is based in Missoula, Montana at St. Patrick Hospital. International Heart Institute has locations in Kalispell, Hamilton, Helena and Anaconda. Cardiologists and physicians of the International Heart Institute travel to several other towns to bring their award-winning care to smaller communities that do not have access to cardiologists or cardiac surgeons. These include Polson, Plains, Superior, Dillon, Butte, Deer Lodge, Stevensville and Salmon, Idaho.

For more information, please call 406-327-1776 or visit the International Heart Institute website.

Montana Cancer Center Outreach

The Montana Cancer Center’s main offices are located in Missoula, Montana at St. Patrick Hospital. Montana Cancer Center medical oncologists travel to an outreach clinic one day per week. On Tuesday of each week there is a chemotherapy clinic at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Polson, Montana. All new patients are seen in the Missoula office for their first visit. You may ask your physician if it is possible to have your chemotherapy treatments at our outreach location.

For more information, please call 406-329-5655 or visit the Montana Cancer Center website.