Occupational Therapy

We understand how frustrating it can be to manage a condition that impacts your ability to live as you once did. At Providence, our occupational therapists use your daily tasks as ways to restore your independence and function. We can adapt activities such as cooking, fishing, gardening and sewing as part of your treatment to help you regain function and independence. 

What to Expect

When you begin occupational therapy, our therapists assess your current abilities. We also talk with you about your treatment goals and expectations. We want to know how your life has changed since your illness or injury.

At Providence, we use a holistic approach to evaluate how a condition affects your body and mind. Occupational therapy is science-driven, evidence-based rehabilitation focused on increasing your function to the highest possible level. 

We work with you, your family and your care team to create a treatment plan and personalized goals to get you back to the activities that define you. 

Our Services

Our occupational therapy team provides a range of treatment and support depending on your condition and needs. 

Our care includes:

  • Assisting adults in learning or relearning activities of daily living at home or on the job 
  • Evaluating people with developmental problems and planning treatments to help them grow mentally, socially and physically 
  • Helping elderly people adjust to aging in ways that maintain physical and mental activities 
  • Improving functional communication skills of people with disabilities, including reading, writing and using the telephone 
  • Recommending changes in design and furniture layout at home, school or the workplace to allow people with disabilities greater access and functional mobility