Schedule a Colonoscopy
Call 707-252-4411 ext.1337 to request an appointment.

Knowing that your time is important, we have developed an efficient process for scheduling your colonoscopy. The Direct Access Colonoscopy program allows patients – who meet certain criteria – to schedule a procedure without having an in-office visit first.

Patients may self-refer for the procedure or be referred by their primary care physician. Eligible patients will be contacted within five business days to schedule their procedure at Providence Queen of the Valley Medical Center’s Outpatient Surgery and Procedure Center (OSPC).

To qualify for the Direct Access Colonoscopy program, you must:

  • Be over the age of 45 and under the age of 75
  • Have a history of colon colorectal cancer
  • Have a positive test for blood in your stool – most common are Fecal immunochemical test (FIT) or Cologuard test
  • Have a history of colon polyps
  • Have a family history of colorectal cancer
Did you meet the criteria?

To schedule your Direct Access Colonoscopy, call our team at 707-252-4411 ext. 1337.

Primary care physician referral

If your doctor referred you for a Direct Access Colonoscopy, you will receive a call from our Outpatient Surgery and Procedure Center (OSPC) to schedule an appointment with our team.

Colorectal cancer is the third-most-common cancer in adults in the United States. However, with regular screenings, physicians can identify colorectal cancer in its earliest stages when treatment is most likely to get the best results possible.

Screenings are usually conducted through a colonoscopy, a diagnostic procedure used to image, inspect and diagnose conditions within the lower gastrointestinal tract and digestive system. The procedure helps identify the causes of colorectal conditions and can aid in cancer treatment and prevention.

Preparing for your appointment

Before your appointment, an endoscopy nurse will call you to discuss the procedure and how to prepare for it. The nurse will be glad to answer all of your questions. On the day of your colonoscopy, your physician will talk with you before the procedure and will answer any final questions you have. Registered nurses with advanced training will assist the doctor with your exam and monitor your safety.

Because you will be given medications to help you relax, it won’t be safe for you to drive home after your procedure. Please make arrangements to have a driver accompany you to this appointment.