High School Interns

Welcome to Kadlec Regional Medical Center. We look forward to having you as a student in our facility. Read about the history of Kadlec.

Request an Internship

All requests for student internships must be directed to the student's high school Career Center prior to completing the application packet.

Internship Requirements

Interviews with Kadlec Academic Services will be coordinated by the student's school as well as notifications of acceptance or denial. Proceed with the following documentation only AFTER the student's internship request has been approved.

1. Ensure current affiliation agreement and certificate of insurance (COI) are on file.

2. Verify completion of student's records as shown on the Kadlec Passport. Student will be responsible for submitting all documents to Kadlec Academic Services (unless other arrangements have been made) for review and verification. Email documents to Kadlec Academic Services two weeks prior to Orientation.

  • If needed, students may get a lab order for TB test and or HepB titer from Kadlec Academic Services
  • National background checks are not applicable to the high school students but a Washington State Patrol (WATCH) check will be completed.
Onboarding documentation

To be submitted via email, fax, or in-person to Kadlec Academic Services. Forms must be received no later than two weeks prior to orientation.

Online education


Complete online safety and compliance assignments:

KRMC Policies:
Follow links below where available. There may be additional policies to review depending on your placement. These policies will be provided to you when necessary.

Orientation at Kadlec
Orientation will be arranged by Kadlec Academic Services. Wear your school-approved scrubs, uniform or business casual attire to your Orientation at Kadlec. You will receive a Kadlec ID badge at this time.