Student Provider Portal

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Request Clinical Placement

For students requesting a clinical rotation not previously approved through school.

Please submit the following information to Academic Services:

For more information, refer to the Student Clinical Experience policy.

Clinical Placement Responsibilities

For students with approved clinical rotations:

To be completed a minimum of 6 weeks prior to start date:

  1. Clinical Affiliation Agreement - if none, please allow 3 months to complete
  2. Certificate of Insurance if requested
  3. Immunization Attestation OR Letter of Good Standing stating the requirements of the Kadlec Passport are met

1. Onboarding Documentation
To be submitted to Academic Services 4-6 weeks prior to start date:

2. Claim your account - You will be notified when your network and EPIC access has been completed: 3. Online Education - for non-employees
Helpful Information
  1. Submit project packet to Kadlec Academic Services
  2. Kadlec Academic Services will process your Facility Approval Form then submit necessary documents on your behalf to the Providence IRB.
  3. Once a determination has been made, you may start your project, or continue to follow the steps provided by the Providence IRB.